Webkinz 8.5" Reindeer

Webkinz 8.5" Reindeer

  • Webkinz Reindeer Special Edition Virtual Pet
  • The virtual version of the plush animal comes alive online in Webkinz World when activated with the special code that comes with the plush animal

Webkinz features the exciting online experience where your plush pet comes to life. It all begins when you bring your Webkinz plush toy home, and you pick the name and determine whether it's a boy or a girl. After adoption, you are shown your pet's room, and can use your 2,000 in KinzCash to decorate, buy furniture, clothes and food from the W Shop. Your pet relies on you to take care of it by monitoring the Happy, Health and Hunger meters. Webkinz received the 2006 iParenting Media Award and 20

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 4.00

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