10 Best Valentines Day Gifts (And How to Keep it in the Budget)

If you are looking for the 10 best Valentines Day gifts to choose from you are in the right place. This article is more then just a regular list you can choose from. This is how to choose the right present for the person you love.

Your biggest investment in these gifts is some thought on how to give these Valentines Day presents a personal touch. In addition for each gift idea we give you the DIY version in order to help you save time, stay in your budget and be creative.

In no particular order here are the 10 best Valentines Day gifts:

A flower - Please, not a bouquet of flowers but just one flower. It is a nice simple delivery of an honest way to say "I love you". It is important to compliment this gift with a love note. If you are into DIY and homemade gifts there are different spins to the single flower/rose gift. You can make this present as a paper mache, you can roll up lovely lingerie as a flower. These are easy to make non expensive gifts.

A bracelet - A bracelet is a personal gift. You really have to choose well the bracelet that will match the personality and the clothes of the person you love. It doesn't matter if you don't have a huge budget. You can make a bracelet which looks great. If a picture of you both is a sign of commitment then wearing a bracelet is another great sign that you both are committed to the relationship.

Chocolate - This is an old time Valentines Day classic. It has been on the 10 best Valentines Day gifts for ever. It doesn't matter how much chocolate you buy, what matters is that you buy good quality chocolate. To make this present personal simply cover the box with your pictures and Valentines Day love letter.

A picture of both of you - This is the time to download from your computer the best picture of you two and get it framed. This is the time to choose the right frame (or make the right frame). This is not a traditional gift but if you are just starting this new relationship then having a picture is a sign of commitment.

A Valentines Day menu - This is an original gift for anyone who is stuck with a last minute decision. Print out a Valentines Day menu from your computer and write for the three courses different events and activities for your love to choose from. It could be a picnic, cinema or concert. It is always a nice present.

A personal love music CD - Create a CD with the music your love enjoys. Just copy his music from his computer to a CD. If you are brave enough you can add a personal song or just add a few words to the CD. Be sure to make a nice cover to the CD ("A Valentines Day gift 2010 - from me to you").

A brooch pin - This Valentines Day present is special if you put your mind to it: it can be an antique looking brooch or a heart shaped brooch. You can also make your own heart shaped brooch and match the right colors to the coat or shirts of your love.

A Love print - Choose shirts or underwear with funny prints. You can even print your own couple pictures on these clothes. Simply buy iron-on printable paper and print from your computer your favorite picture. Then, all you have to do is iron it on the shirts or underwear. The results can be truly amusing.

Valentines Day cards - This is trickier then you think. It is easy to look up on the internet something that someone wrote and to copy it onto a card you bought for 3.99$. GO BIG TIME. You can make an amazing card that looks more expensive and much more personal. Cut out card, pop-up cards are easy to make. The most important thing to remember is that nothing can replace a personal love letter. If you are talented enough - write a love poem.

Sexy underwear - Just make sure your buy something your love will like and wear. Also, no mistakes can be made here with sizes. Your love should be A. Sexy and B. with some sense of humor. You can also pack them in a funny way - a box of chocolates or even a box from a hardware store.

On Valentines Day no gift is perfect without the personal love letter. Remember that the attention you give is the most important thing.

Enjoy Valentines Day.

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