Valentines Day Gifts - The Minefield Of Gifts Of Love

So here's a guide to what you might want to buy for your Valentines presents, depending on the sort of relationship you're in...without resorting to a bunch of tired old petrol station flowers on the day itself

For those of you in the very early stages - a few dates in, not met the parents yet, that sort of thing - it's understatement that's probably the best for your Valentines Day gifts. It's hard to find a card that isn't over the top romance, and often a gift does the trick better. Why not choose a cute gift - nothing too sloppy - a crate of unusual beer for him, or a pampering gift set for her - great gifts for him which hit the right tone - fun, affectionate...but not stalker-esque!

When you're more than a few months in and settling into your relationship, Valentine's Day can be a great excuse to add an extra bit of spice to the proceedings! Take a look for something a little bit saucy, whether you're after something very rude or more along the lines of a tickling stick, there's something to naughty things up, whatever your budget!

When you know they're the one for you, then your Valentines Day gifts are the perfect way to let them know just how much they mean to you. With romantic presents like, try to combine the loving message with a selection of cool presents too, making sure you get the desired impact with your Valentines presents! Aim to find gifts to say those three little words on your behalf, and then you can rest assured you're going to be in the good books for some time to come!

For those who are years into a relationship, buying Valentines presents can be tricky. Your other half is probably sick to death of flowers and chocolates - the usual Valentines Day gifts - and is either waiting for some really cool presents or sexy gifts to get things going in the bedroom

From stylish and gadget gifts, which always make cool presents for him, to jewellery and pampering gifts - great romantic presents for her, there's plenty of choice to buy Valentines Day gifts to surprise and delight this year! Alternatively, get them raising an eyebrow (or two) in pleasant surprise with sexy gifts, or even book up a weekend away...without kids, family or friends in tow!

And, finally, if you're single this Valentine's Day, then there's no excuse to sit around feeling sorry for yourself a Valentine's Day gift, and treat yourself silly!

This Valentine's Day, just make sure your Valentines presents make the grade with Cocoon Collection - whether it's romantic presents, sexy gifts or simply cool presents, we've got your Valentines Day gifts... all wrapped up!

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